Over time, many women may notice a gradual deterioration in the size, shape and feel of their breasts. Gravity, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight changes all take their toll as breast tissue atrophies, shrinks, sags or flattens. Nipples can also change shape with age due stretching to or elongation.

No matter the reason, changes in breast appearance can be devastating to an individual’s self-esteem. A woman may find she no longer fills out a bra, swimsuit or favorite piece of clothing. And if the breast has become too floppy or flaccid, she may feel compelled to limit physical activities and exercise, or shun intimacy.

Fortunately, Dr. Jerome Lamb can help restore a woman’s appearance and confidence with a breast lift procedure. Also known as a mastopexy, this surgical technique helps reshape, rejuvenate and lift sagging, shrinking or atrophied breasts. An enlarged, stretched areola also can be reduced in size and the nipple raised to a more natural-looking position. The objective is to recover a woman’s natural, well-shaped and proportioned breasts with nipples that point forward.

Among those who can benefit from a breast lift:

  • Women with sagging breast tissue due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, the effects of gravity, aging or genetics.
  • Women who seek an improved breast shape.
  • Women with a stretched, elongated nipple or oversized areola.
  • Women with asymmetrical breasts.
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