Dr. Lamb sees many patients who experience both physical and psychological issues do to their oversized breasts. Large, oversized breasts can dominate your appearance and make you look top-heavy and overweight. Oversized breasts can also be painful, distort your posture, cause breathing problems, and result in a back or neck pain that is at times unbearable. When you experience these problems, Dr. Lamb may recommend a breast reduction procedure as a way to attain relief.

Though the procedure is permanent, breasts can still increase in size afterwards in the event of weight gain, birth control pills or pregnancy. If you have large, sagging breasts you may be a good candidate. If your breasts are sagging but not overly large, a breast lift may be all you need. Breastfeeding is possible with current methods of breast reduction. Likelihood of successfully breastfeeding following breast reduction averages 80%.

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