Also known as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC, Voluma is an injectable gel filler that adds volume to correct loss related to age in the face in order to create a more youthful appearance. It is manufactured by Allergen, who also makes Botox Cosmetic, and is based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Voluma is a non-animal dermal filler that also includes a mild local anesthetic for the purpose of decreasing patient discomfort. Best of all, Voluma is the only facial filler that has been FDA approved for results up to one year with only one easy treatment.


Voluma Basics

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid facial filler used to treat age related volume loss in the middle of the face and is injected to contour the face in order to encourage a more youthful appearance in the patient. Facial volume loss comes with age and can leave it with a flattened appearance. Youthful cheekbones eventually lose their shape and appear sunken or hollow. Voluma is an excellent choice to counteract this affect because if fills what was once lost and can even last for up to two years. When patients are treated on a regular yearly basis, the results can last even longer. Because of all of its benefits, decreased down time, and ease of application, Voluma has received a 91% “Worth It Rating” from actual patients on Real Self.

Voluma vs. Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC injectable gel filler Kansas CityVoluma, Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are all different forms of the same product. The difference between Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus involves mostly their consistency. Juvederm Ultra is thin and viscous, which makes it more appropriate for injection intended to treat fine wrinkles and scars. Juvederm Ultra Plus can also be used for many reasons, including for the volume fill of the lips and reshaping of the face. Juvederm Ultra Plus can also provide more dramatic results that can last much longer than other injectables. All of these products may cost more, but given their ability to last longer, they provide the most bang for the buck for our patients.

Voluma Staff

Dr. Lamb and one of our highly trained nurses inject both Voluma and Botox Cosmetic, as well as other state of the art procedures. Our highly trained nurse works under the supervision of noted and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jerome Lamb, a member of many distinguished organizations and associations including the Society of Plastic Surgery and the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A consultation with an experienced provider is essential in order to assess if a patient is a good candidate for the Voluma facial filler, Botox Cosmetic, or another age fighting treatment. Proper placement of Voluma is crucial in order to get the best results in just one treatment. Contact us today to see if Voluma or one of our other solutions is right for you.

Voluma FAQ

What is Voluma Good for Treating?
Voluma is ideal for adding volume to the face and is most used for:

  1. Cheeks — Adds volume to help correct loss related to age.
  2. Wrinkles and Lines — Fills lines and wrinkles found in the middle of the face around the lips, mouth, and cheeks.
  3. Lips — Is injected into the lips to create a full, plump, and natural look.
  4. Forehead — In some cases, Voluma can be used to treat wrinkles on the forehead.
  5. Marionette Lines — To treat this condition in which lines appear around the mouth.
  6. Vertical Lines — To treat this condition in which lines form from the upper lip to the nose.
  7. Nasal Libia Folds — To treat this condition in which the patient has noticeable creases from the bottom of the edge of their nose to below the lips, also known as “smile lines.”

What is the Cost of Voluma Treatment?
The cost all depends on the experience and location of the Voluma provider. For example, Real Self estimates the average Voluma treatment costs approximately $1,400. Another estimate reports that one-cc syringe of Voluma can be priced at around $1,000 at a doctor’s office with each patient requiring an average of one to four syringes for optimal results.

How Long Does a Voluma Last?
Typically, the treatment last about One to two years. Usually, about one year for first time patients. Voluma can last for two years or longer for patients who get regular treatments on a yearly basis.

What are the possible Risks and Complications of Voluma?
The side effects that were observed in Voluma clinical trials were rare but included:

  • mild to moderate tenderness
  • firmness
  • swelling
  • lumps and bumps
  • redness and discoloration
  • bruising and minor pain
  • an itching sensation that lasted no longer than seven days