Micro needling is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure utilizing non-surgical techniques that uses a powered device operated by hand to create tiny channels into the skin to trigger the creation of elastin and collagen through the body’s natural healing process. The intended goal is to improve the texture of the skin by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. In short, this process naturally reduces the signs of aging.

Rejuvapen Micro-Needling

Micro Needle Basics The Rejuvapen is an ideal choice for micro needling because it utilizes a disposable needle tip cartridge with twelve micro needles. This allows the device to be safely operated with no risk of cross infection because the needle tips are used only once then disposed of.

Benefits of the Rejuvapen Micro Needle

In addition, the Rejuvapen Micro Needle uses a beveled tip designed with a medical grade HEPA filter to eliminate suction and clogging while blocking airborne blood pathogens. The scalloped edge minimizes surface tension and shortens the amount of time the needles need to make effective contact with the skin. This drastically diminishes any discomfort that may be associated with micro-needling. The Rejuvapen Micro Needle also has two opposing vents that help prevent the backflow of bodily fluids into the device and removes the possibility of any cross contamination.

Micro Needle vs. Derma Rollers

The Micro Needle is superior to older derma rollers, also known as micro rollers that were introduced to the public in the late nineties. These devices use a spike-like roll that is applied to the patient’s face by hand. They are more painful and less precise when they needle the skin to stimulate the healing process in order to reverse aging. Unlike these derma rollers, the needles of the Rejuvapen pierce the skin at a controlled depth and speed that minimizes damage to the skin and even acts like an infusion device. The device allows practitioners to add a blend of healthy ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are delivered to the skin during the process and are absorbed at a rate at least 100 more effective than doing so by hand.

Rejuvapen Micro Needle Treatments

Our seasoned staff is trained in enhancing results by utilizing these techniques to improve the quality of the skin’s repair process. In order to make our treatments as pleasant as possible, we use a lidocaine gel to create a temporary numbness in the skin that is safe and effective. We think of a Micro Needle treatment as a process and help each patient develop an individual plan for best results. All of our staff works under the close supervision of Dr. Lamb, our board-certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

During consultations, our patients are encouraged to meet with Dr. Lamb to discuss the results they hope to achieve. While not every patient is a good candidate for the Rejuvapen Micro Needle, Dr. Lamb may recommend another anti-aging treatment for better results.

Rejuvapen Micro-Needling faq Kansas City

Rejuvapen Micro Needle FAQ

What is the Rejuvapen Micro Needle Used to Treat?
Due to its advanced technology, the Rejuvapen Micro Needle can also be used to treat a range of other skin conditions including but not limited to:

  • Diminishing the hyperpigmentation of skin, i.e. redness, puffiness, etc.
  • The improvement in the appearance of acne pock marks
  • The improvement in the appearance of stretch marks
  • Almost anywhere on the skin that is structurally weak or there are imperfections on the entire face, neck, arms, abdomen, hands or legs

What is the Cost of Rejuvapen Micro Needle Treatment?
The cost of a Rejuvapen Micro Needle treatment varies by patient, their needs, desired outcomes and area or areas of treatment. However, the average session with a Rejuvapen Micro Needle can cost an average of $250 to $650. Remember when shopping around for a clinic to perform Micro Needle treatments, that the cost should not be the leading factor.

What are Micro Needle Side Effects and Dangers?
The dangers of having a trained expert apply a Micro Needle treatment are minimal. Some patients experience a redness in the skin that can last for up to five days, but patients are allowed to wear makeup after one day in order to hide this. Other patients may experience some light burning, mild flaking and tightness. Patients may notice a significant difference in the texture of the skin within a couple of days to weeks. During the treatment, patients describe the process as feeling like tiny pin pricks that not pleasant but tolerable on the whole.

How Many Micro Needle Treatments do I Need to See Results?
The Rejuvapen Micro Needle technique is similar to the technology of a Fraxel laser that utilizes an intense thermal mechanism on the skin but at a much lower price. Just as these lasers take a series of treatments in order to see the best results, so does the Micro Needle. The average patient can expect anywhere from three to six sessions depending on their needs. Once the final results are achieved on a patient, we usually recommend they return for one to two sessions a year to ensure the results last.

Rejuvapen Micro-Needling Kansas City