Everyone knows that time is not always kind to facial tissues. Over the years, the skin becomes lax and wrinkles form. However, until faced with these changes, most people never give much thought to the overall effects of age on the lips. Over the age of 30, as collagen and elastin supplies dwindle, the lips can lose shape and volume, becoming thin and void of definition. Fine lip lines can creep in, as natural fat stores are depleted. Coupled with environmental factors such as smoking and genetics, changes in the lips and around the mouth are inevitable.

To combat the early signs of aging, Healthy Looks Skin Care and Laser Spa is proud to bring patients Juvederm Volbella®, designed to restore beautiful shape and volume to the lips. Whether your lips were always small and undefined, or have started to thin with age, Volbella® can provide optimal contours through a fast and easy, in-office session. Best of all, the natural-looking results are long-lasting.

Juvederm Volbella®

Volbella® is one of the newest, most innovative soft tissue fillers from Juvederm. Made from a one-of-a-kind formula of varied-size hyaluronic acid molecules, Volbella® has been created especially for the delicate, sensitive tissues of the lips and mouth. In just one treatment, Volbella® can shape lips and ease lip lines, enhance the lip border, and replace diminishing facial volume. The gel-like injectible is smooth and creamy, ensuring consistent results. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe method for improving lip shape and volume, Juvederm Volbella® holds little chance for side-effects, including minimal swelling, and almost no serious complications. The technologically advanced HA formulation in Volbella® means the results from treatment can last for 12 to 18 months.

Juvederm Volbella® can:

  • Plump and shape lips
  • Highlight lip borders
  • Ease Smoker’s Lines (fine lip lines)
  • Define the Cupid’s Bow across top lip
  • Restore volume under the eyes and along cheeks
  • Sculpt the jawline

The Ideal Candidate for Volbella®

Women and men seeking to restore shape and volume to thinning lips will see a dramatic improvement with Juvederm Volbella®. Potential patients should be over the age of 21, in generally good health, and hold reasonable expectations for treatment. While Volbella is safe for all skin types and ethnicities, those with an active skin infection should postpone treatment. Women pregnant or breast feeding may also be asked to reschedule treatment with Volbella®. Anyone with a history of hypertrophic scarring, bleeding disorders, or certain health issues may not make a good candidate for Volbella®. Prior to scheduling a Volbella® session, a consultation with Dr. Lamb will be scheduled. At this time, it will be determined if Juvederm Volbella® is the right choice for an individual patient.

Volbella® Facts

Volbella® is made using a smooth gel formula, perfect for adding contour to the lips and easing lip lines. The unique combination of HA molecules, thus long-lasting results, make Juvederm Volbella® the go-to filler for improving the appearance of the delicate tissues around the lips and mouth.

Volbella® Facts:

  • Made with Juvderm’s Vycross technology, utilizing varying sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules
  • Approved by the FDA in 2016
  • Results in less tissue swelling than traditional soft tissue fillers
  • 90% of patients treated with Volbella report satisfaction 3 months after treatment
  • Kickstarts the body’s collagen production, meaning results that last from 12 to 18 months

Treatment with Juvederm Volbella®

Dr. Lamb performs all Volbella® injections in one of the Healthy Looks Skin Care and Laser Spa treatment rooms, for a comfortable and private session. The treatment normally takes less than 30 minutes. As there no downtime required, patients are free to return to their daily routine right away. Volbella® is applied using a small needle, placing the product directly under the skin along the target area. The injections are not considered painful, as Volbella® is premixed with lidocaine, a local anesthetic. For those patients requiring additional comfort, Dr. Lamb can also include a local anesthetic or topical numbing cream prior to treatment.

Results from Volbella®

The benefits from a single Juvederm Volbella® treatment can be seen immediately, with plumper lips and vanishing lip lines. These results will continue to improve over the next several weeks, as any mild swelling, redness, or bruising resolves. The HA will continue to rejuvenate the body’s production of collagen, extending the results for 12 to 18 months. Patients may then choose to have a second treatment with Volbella® at this time, to further extend the benefits of treatment.

Juvederm Volbella® is FDA-approved, with few side-effects. Pinpoint bleeding, mild swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness are common, although these quickly resolve. When applied by an experienced provider, such as Dr. Lamb, more serious complications are rare. Risks of Volbella® include scarring, nerve damage, infection, and asymmetry. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Lamb will review the side-effects and potential risks of Volbella®.

Juvederm Volbella® from Healthy Looks Skin Care and Laser Spa

If you have started to see your lips thinning with age, or noticed fine lip lines forming, Juvederm Volbella® could be right for you. Find out more about Volbella® by calling Independence, Missouri’s Healthy Looks Skincare & Laser Spa at (816) 795-5262. One of our patient coordinators will explain your treatment options, and assist in scheduling a confidential consultation appointment. Not from the immediate area? No problem. Healthy Looks Skin Care and Laser Spa is only a short drive from Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, and Excelsior Springs. Ask your patient coordinator for directions or recommendations for local dining and hotel destinations.

Juvederm Volbella® FAQ

What is Juvederm Volbella®?
Juvederm Volbella® is an innovative dermal filler, created to provide shape and contour to the lips, smooth lip lines, and replace lost volume along the cheeks. Made with Juvederm’s patented Vycross technology, Volbella® provides exceptional, long-lasting results.

What areas can be improved with Volbella® from Healthy Looks Skin Care and Laser Spa?
Volbella® is made for the delicate areas tissue of the mouth and lips. The hyaluronic acid filler can also be used to restore volume under the eyes, along the cheeks, and across the chin, as well.

When will I see the results from my Volbella® session?
Juvederm Volbella® provides immediate improvement in lip shape and contour. While side-effects of treatment are generally mild, as any swelling or redness resolves, the benefits of Volbella® may become more pronounced.

Could I make a good candidate for Juvederm Volbella®?
Potential Volbella® patients should be in good health, over the age of 21, and hold reasonable expectations for their results. To find out if you are a good candidate for Juvederm Volbella®, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lamb at Health Looks Skin Care and Spa.

How will the results from my Volbella® injections last?
Juvederm Volbella® provides long-lasting results. Depending on the patient, the benefits of treatment will last from 12 to 18 months. At this time, to further extent the results, Dr. Lamb can safely retreat the area.