3 Ways to Enhance Your Eyes

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Healthylooks Medspa owners, Dr. Lamb and Carri Lamb, want to use this time in quarantine to share tips they’ve learned in their 20+ years in the aesthetic industry. To begin the “Healthylooks at Home” series, we want to start with the eyes, as they’re the first feature another person notices about you. So, what are three easy ways to nonsurgically enhance your eyes?

  1. Botox
  2. Permanent Makeup
  3. Latisse


Everyone knows that Botox smooths forehead wrinkles. But the reason you feel prettier after your Botox sets in is actually because of its effect on the eyes. Botox erases the crow’s feet wrinkles, giving you a younger looking eye. The neurotoxin also diminishes the frown line between the brows, helping you to have a more friendly, and approachable look. And finally, it lifts the brow which gives you a more energetic look. Our patients jokingly say that their “RBF,” or “resting b**tch face” is gone after Botox- this is because of its smoothing and lifting power!

Permanent Makeup

When thinking of classic beauty icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as today’s supermodels, like Gigi Hadid, we notice they all have strong, full eyebrows. As we age, we lose the thickness, pigment and shape in our brows. Permanent Eyebrow Makeup brings the fullness, color and arch back to your brows for a more youthful look. Permanent Eyeliner also enhances the eye because it gives the illusion of a full lash line, defines the eye shape, and brings out the color of the iris.


Finally, Latisse helps to grow longer, fuller and darker lashes. Latisse is a pharmaceutical agent, manufactured by Allergan, and it was actually found on accident! Glaucoma patients were given prescription eyedrops, and doctors found that one of the active ingredients was responsible for growing thicker, longer and darker lashes. Latisse has been a tried and true method for enhancing lashes for over 10 years. We recommend using Latisse daily for 3-6 months, then using it 3-4 times/week to maintain the length and fullness of your lashes.

To recap, your eyes are the first feature another person sees- so it’s the best feature to enhance! With Botox, Permanent Makeup, and/or Latisse, your eyes will look more energetic, defined and youthful. Call or text 816-795-5262 to make an appointment with Dr. Lamb for Botox, Carri for permanent makeup, or to order Latisse. SAVE 20% ON LATISSE this week! Curbside pickup is available while we are closed due to COVID-19.