Am I a good candidate for face injectables, and what areas of my face can be treated with them?

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Today, we’d like to delve further into face injectables, including who they would help most. For the right person, injections can make a significant difference. Dr. Lamb has multiple decades of experience with several effective methods, including which would address specific lines around the face.

Here’s a quick guide to selecting injectable treatments for cosmetic enhancements.

Mapping Out Your Face to Determine the Best Approach

We determine your suitability for injection by doing a 3D consultation with you. This is just like it sounds – a comprehensive view of what you look like from every side or angle, including those you don’t see very often. While it’s easy to dwell on the front view, the one we see in the mirror every day, side angles can tell us a lot as well.

As we age, certain areas of the face progress certain ways, which ultimately tell you how old someone might be. Through Botox and other injectables, however, we can “trick the eye” into believing we’re younger than we really are. This requires us to focus lots of attention on certain zones like frown lines or around the eyes.

Examples of Enhancements and Corrections We Do

One way to do this involves lip fillers, a popular item with younger patients. They want to achieve a more romantic and attractive appearance with fuller lips, something we can facilitate with proper injectables. Among middle-age folks, we spend more time on the cheek configuration to see where the noticeable fine lines are forming.

Again, the 3D imaging allows us to see the entire face, and how it’s aging. The cheek area is a common spot, but so is eyebrow volume, which receives less attention. We can add small amounts of filler into the brow to elevate it and rejuvenate a youthful appearance.

Other Uses for Face Injectables

What are some other areas that benefit from injectables?

We also use fillers to help address marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and other creases in the cheek. As you can see, they’re useful in a myriad of ways. HealthyLooks can do these fillers without inflicting much pain or discomfort.

You can make a dental block (or lip block) to limit what you’d feel during the process. It’s also possible to minimize the needle injection pain with an ice pack. Keep in mind that almost all the fillers contain numbing substances to minimize pain.

Then, for some of the more extensive procedures, we can apply a nerve block as well. That lasts for roughly an hour and a half, making this a very comfortable experience.

The Many Myths Regarding Face Injectables & Lip Fillers

In our previous post, we dispelled some of the common myths regarding injections/fillers. Some of these may have crossed your mind, or perhaps you’ve heard them from cosmetic skeptics.

  • Injections are Irreversible: This is untrue because if the effects were permanent, nobody would need to receive subsequent doses. Neurotoxin injections normally last 3 ½ to 4 months, and you can actually use certain enzymes to dissolve fillers within two weeks.
  • Botox Will Stretch My Skin: Neurotoxins do not directly impact the skin because they’re injected into the facial muscles. Therefore, there’s no reason to suspect problems with stretchy skin.
  • Fillers Make Your Face “Puffy”: While it is possible for injectors to “over-inject” and leave suboptimal results, you don’t have to worry about this as long as the injector uses an anatomical approach. This is why we focus so much on comprehensive 3D imaging rather than haphazardly injecting fillers.

HealthyLooks: Top Cosmetic Solutions in Kansas City

We hope this clarifies any concerns you may have had over injectable products.

You can always verify our claims with external research, but it also helps to hear what previous patients have to say on the matter. You’re welcome to browse through some of our testimonials to discover how many people we’ve made happy with our services. We also have several before/after photos that showcase Dr. Lamb’s skills and expertise with injectables.

Contact us today to learn all about the best face injectables on the market, and which would yield optimal results for you.