Am I a good Dysport treatment candidate, and what areas of my face can be treated with it?

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What is the purpose of undergoing Dysport treatment for cosmetic corrections?

Dysport is a popular neurotoxin injection that you can receive from HealthyLooks in Kansas City. It’s in the same class as Botox and other injectables, but has several unique advantages. We’d like to preview those and help you determine whether you’d be a viable candidate for it.

Dysport Treatment Versus Other Neurotoxins

We use Dysport to treat some of the same issues that we would with Botox or Jeuveau. Unlike the others, this one might diffuse somewhat quicker, making it less optimal for lip flips. There are, however, many terrific uses for it, including difficult DAO lines.

Dysport is similar to Botox, but it’s manufactured with a different particle size. It binds fast, rendering it effective even quicker, which leads some patients to prefer it over Botox.

Each toxin has its own beneficial properties, which is why we match those strengths to fit patient needs. Every technician at HealthyLooks has expertise with at least two or more cosmetic toxins.

What are the Target Areas for Dysport Treatment?

We use Dysport to address crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), frown lines, DAO lines (near the mouth corners), and worry lines. There’s also a popular procedure called a Nefertiti’s Lift, designed to smoothen the jawline.

Since all these toxin injections are safe, it’s perfectly fine to try different ones and find out which work best for your face. This is one reason HealthyLooks keeps detailed injection records for every patient we see. It lets us evaluate the effectiveness of each injection, and make adjustments as necessary.

Like we said, many patients appreciate Dysport because of its fast turnaround time. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then this is very important because it’ll allow you to resume exercising and training sooner.

Then again, other clients enjoy better overall duration. Dysport may last at least a month and a half longer than the other toxins. We also mix it for a stronger concentration, which helps limit the diffuse, and gives you a better bang-for-the-buck.

Why Do Toxins Wear Off?

Sometimes, there’s some confusion over the duration of neurotoxin treatments like Dysport and Botox. There are those who worry that the results will be permanent, whereas others don’t understand how/why they wear off after a while. We typically expect Botox to last about 3/12 to four months, but there are other individual circumstances that affect the life expectancy.

  • Metabolism: Everyone’s body chemistry and metabolism works differently. Folks with higher metabolism may cause the toxins to dissolve sooner.
  • Injection Volume: Like any other medication or substance, the dosage plays an important role. Some patients require greater amounts than others.
  • Personal Activity: We find that most athletes and fitness pros don’t do as well with some toxins, which requires us to be careful with the selection. That’s because physical activity has a substantial effect on toxin absorption.
  • Injector Capability: Finally, it’s essential to receive Botox and Dysport from a trained professional. Otherwise, you could end up with too much of it (or in the wrong places).

Dysport, Botox, & More with Dr. Lamb at HealthyLooks

We invite you to meet us anytime for a consultation where one of our trained professionals (including Dr. Lamb) can address specific questions. While there is a certain level of “trial-and-error” involved, our expertise can help point you in the right direction for more efficient results. That’s what we’ve been doing for cosmetic patients in Kansas City for over two decades now.

Contact HealthyLooks to learn all about the most effective cosmetic solutions in today’s market, including proven methods like Dysport treatment.