A Guide for First Time Botox Patients

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If you’re concerned with the wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes, you’ve probably wondered about Botox.

  • Botox is a neurotoxin, or neuromodulator, that works by weakening the wrinkle-causing muscles in the face.
  • Our injectors, Dr. Lamb and Dominique, RN, inject tiny amounts of Botox in the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. Botox can also be injected in other facial muscles, such as the masseters in the jaw to slim the jawline. We can also inject Botox for therapeutic reasons, such as migraine relief.
  • After consultation, the Botox injections take about 3-5 minutes to complete. It feels like a light sting. We offer Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide to ease pain and anxiety.
  • Results set in 4-14 days after injection and last 3-4 months.
  • There are neurotoxins that are very similar to Botox including Jeuveau, or “Newtox,” Dysport, and Xeomin. We offer all types of neurotoxins, and our injectors can recommend what is best for you based on your aesthetic goals and budget.

For a detailed explanation and demonstration, please watch Dr. Lamb, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon inject Botox in a first time patient.

We have special pricing for first time Botox treatments. Call or text 816-795-5262 for more information and to make an appointment!

Video Transcription:

Today, we’re here with Emma, and Emma is going to try Botox for the first time. All right, one thing I wanted to do with you, Emma, is to look at the curvature of your forehead. This is called a golden proportion caliper, and it shows what a feminine curve of the forehead should be. One of the things that’s going to help Emma is to take some of this bulk away in this muscle here. She’s going to have a more feminine curvature of her forehead.

She’s a natural-born worrier where she raises her eyebrows up. Some of us are natural-born thinkers, meaning we frown when we think. And some of us smile with our eyes. So, those are all good reasons to do some preventative maintenance with Botox. A lot of times, we’ll find people with really light blue or light green eyes will squint a lot in the sun, and they’ll develop premature crow’s feet in this area. So, that’s a good area to do some preventative maintenance.

One of the beautiful things about why Botox works so well in the upper face is that all the muscles are single thickness in layer. In the center of the forehead, we have the frontalis muscle. (And raise your eyebrows real high.) Right here, where her eyebrow peaks is the far lateral extent of that muscle. That’s why it peaks right there. (Now, smile real tight.) That fires her orbicularis muscle, which is an oval-shaped muscle, but it tends to bunch up the skin on the side, which is the thinnest portion of the skin. (Now, frown really hard.) These muscles here are called your corrugator. This muscle goes all the way down to bone on the inside, but then it comes out the skin here on the outside. (Then scrunch your nose up.) Here, this is called your procerus muscle, and that muscle goes superficially from skin, superficially to skin. Your injector needs to understand the depth of the muscles to use your Botox effectively.

Okay, we’ve cleansed the skin. Now, go ahead and smile real tight, and relax. So, we just barely go underneath the skin, and we raise a little tiny bump. And because she’s young, I’m only going to put about three units of Botox on the side. Okay. Now, raise your eyebrows real high. Okay, excellent. We can see where the maximum amount of bunching of the frontalis muscle is. She really doesn’t have much activity up in this portion at all. Now, go ahead and relax. The anatomy of this muscle is known, and there’s a fat pad behind it. So, if we get into that fat pad, it will very smoothly diffuse all throughout that space. And the forehead will be very, very smooth. Now, I want to leave some lift for the eyebrow because I want her eyebrow to peak up a little bit.

This will start working in about three to five days. And that forehead will be completely smooth after that. It takes some of this bulk away here. I’m going to inject this procerus muscle. See how that’s going right into the skin right there. Now, relax. We’re going to go ahead and weaken that portion of the muscle. Now, frown again. Now, relax. And the next one will be deeper where the muscle is going down to bone.

How was it, Emma? Not bad?
Emma: It was not bad at all!
A little bee sting and it goes away right away.
Emma: Yeah. Not too bad!