How Do I Take Care of My Skin After a HydraFacial?

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Beautiful, glowing skin is an everlasting trend that never goes out of style. A HydraFacial, known for its capacity to hydrate, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin, can be a pivotal step towards attaining that dreamy, flawless skin. However, proper post-treatment care is paramount to maintaining those fabulous results. So, the question arises: how do you take care of your skin after a HydraFacial? Let’s explore into a meticulous guide, reflecting insights from skincare experts.

Pre-HydraFacial Preparations

Before the actual procedure, it’s essential to refrain from using exfoliating products like retinols, AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), and BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) for at least a week. These products may increase skin sensitivity, hindering optimal outcomes and possibly causing discomfort during the HydraFacial.

Post-HydraFacial Care

Post-treatment, your skin might be slightly more sensitive and thus warrants some extra TLC to ensure the lasting impact of the HydraFacial.

Steering Clear of Certain Skincare Products

Following the treatment, maintaining a gentle skincare routine is crucial. Much like the pre-treatment phase, you’ll want to avoid exfoliating products such as retinols, AHAs, and BHAs to prevent additional skin sensitivity and irritation. Ensuring your skin is given ample time to heal and absorb the benefits of the HydraFacial is imperative.

Physical Activity Considerations

It’s advised to circumvent any strenuous activities for about 48 hours post-treatment. Engaging in intense exercises or activities may induce sweating, potentially causing irritation or adversely affecting the results of your HydraFacial. Thus, a little pause on vigorous workouts can help preserve those newfound skin benefits.

Sun Protection and Exposure

Arguably the most paramount in aftercare: the usage of sunscreen and monitoring sun exposure. Being vigilant about wearing sunscreen, especially after a skin-treating procedure like a HydraFacial, is pivotal. Moreover, avoiding direct sunlight for a couple of days post-procedure can shield your sensitized skin from potential UV damage.

Importance of Sunscreen

Consistent Application

Consistent and regular application of a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen will not only protect the newly treated skin but also support its healing process. If you’re outdoors, driving, or sitting next to a window where UV rays can penetrate, it’s advisable to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours to ensure continuous protection.

Selecting the Right Sunscreen

Choosing a sunscreen that is not only high in SPF but also compatible with your skin type and needs is essential. Consulting a dermatologist or a skincare specialist can assist in selecting a product that will not only protect but also nourish your skin.

Long-term Skin Maintenance

Your journey doesn’t end with understanding how to take care of your skin after a HydraFacial. Embracing a long-term, consistent skincare routine that incorporates the lessons learned post-HydraFacial is pivotal. This includes gently cleansing, using products suited to your skin type, and religiously applying sunscreen to safeguard your skin against potential damage and maintain that HydraFacial glow for an extended period.


Navigating through the aftercare of a HydraFacial might seem daunting, but by integrating these careful considerations and guidelines into your skincare routine, you’ll ensure that the glowing results last as long as possible. Remember: gentle products, no strenuous activities for the initial 48 hours, and an unyielding commitment to sun protection are your keys to maintaining that post-HydraFacial radiance.

If you have any further queries or need additional tips on maintaining your skin post-treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of skin care specialists is here to guide you on your journey towards everlasting, radiant skin.