How long will it take to see Coolsculpting results, and how long will those results last?

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What are the most reasonable expectations regarding Coolsculpting results and longevity?

Since cosmetic procedures are an investment in personal beauty, they aren’t a cheap service. That means you deserve to get a decent lifespan for the treatment you receive. We’d like to show you how long it takes to gain long-lasting results with our Coolsculpting program.

Coolsculpting Results – Purpose & Timetables

Results for this new technology vary from either two to four weeks, all the way up to 45 to 90 days. Everyone responds differently to cosmetic treatments, and Coolsculpting is no exception. The timeliness depends a lot on how an individual processes the treatment through their lymphatic system.

What is the purpose of Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a lot like liposuction – it removes fat cells permanently. Once we eliminate 20-25% of your fat cells, they’re gone for good, and do not regrow.

Who would benefit from Coolsculpting?

This is for folks who are at about their target weight; not a miracle transformation for overweight individuals. It’s a technique that can address the minor imperfections such as fat along the arms, flanks, or abdomen. Coolsculpting can help anybody with pinchable fat, but it’s ideal for eliminating those vestiges of unsightly subcutaneous fat.

How does the Coolsculpting Process Work?

  1. A Complimentary Consultation – We begin by having you meet with Melissa Pfaff, the lead technician for Coolsculpting, and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate.
  2. Planning Phase – Then we determine which areas would benefit from the procedure, map out every detail, take pictures, and use an InBody machine to assess fat levels and locations. We’re one of the few companies to include a comprehensive InBody scan. This helps us evaluate how well the treatment has worked later during subsequent visits.
  3. Prior to the Procedure (Protective Measures) – We have you lay comfortably on the table and apply a protective gel pad to prevent frostbite on your skin. Then we put the applicator on you and start the machine (you’ll notice a suction feeling from this).
  4. Treatment Phase – The treatment itself lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes. We also have the option of “dual sculpting,” which means we can do both sides of your body or multiple target locations simultaneously. You cannot always overlap treatment sites, however.
  5. Two-Minute Manual Massage – Finally, we perform a two-minute manual massage to address apoptosis of the remaining fat cells. This takes care of any fat cells that fail to crystallize and rupture properly.

How Many Treatments Does it Take to Enjoy Coolsculpting Results?

How many treatments does it take to obtain optimal results with Coolsculpting? It can take as many as five sessions, but the average is two to three visits with us.

Don’t forget that you can find out even more about our novel body sculpting procedure by reading our previous article on how Coolsculpting works. In that post, we discussed another important benefit that our clients always appreciate: there is no downtime! That’s nice to know because even most minimally invasive procedures may have some impediment on daily activity.

You don’t have to worry about that at all when you try Coolsculpting with HealthyLooks.

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Another way to know that Coolsculpting delivers terrific results is to read our customer testimonials. Those are from actual clients who have undergone those steps we mentioned, and enjoyed marvelous benefits from the procedure.

Finally, don’t forget that this is a treatment we’ve done for thousands of clients to address subcutaneous fat (the squishy kind) around various areas of the body. This is the fat that you can squeeze, which is most amenable to the freezing technique (hence Coolsculpting).

So, if you want to realize these terrific Coolsculpting results, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with HealthyLooks today!