Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples

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You wake up, ready for the new day, and staring at you in the mirror is a brand new pimple. It’ll be fine to just go ahead and pop it, right? Not so much.

How Do Pimples Form?

We know how tempting it is to want to fast-track the healing of pimples by popping them, but it just doesn’t work that way. Now, we know it’s gross, but let’s start by explaining how these blemishes even form in the first place…

It begins in the hair follicles, which contain the oil-secreting sebaceous glands. These glands are found most prominently on the face and scalp compared to other parts of the body, so it makes sense why these areas are so acne-prone.
The glands’ function is to secrete oil to lubricate the hair, but when hair or skin dies, the pores are blocked, so the oil can’t ooze (we know, gross) out. This creates an excess of oil in the pores, which then expand under the skin in the shape of a water balloon. By this time, the skin looks red, puffy and infected.

What Happens If I Do Pop A Pimple?

First and foremost, you’re preventing your body from healing. Forming a pimple is the body’s response to heal itself due to the blocked pores. So when you pop, you interfere with the body’s natural and healthy response.

You’re tearing your skin when you pop a pimple. You force the bacteria, oil & debris out of the acne bump, so you’re left with a wound.

You could make the pimple worse. When you pop, you introduce more bacteria and dirt from your fingers to the blemish, forcing this bacteria further down into the skin.

You might create even more pimples.

And finally, you could be left with a scar.

So What Do I Do Instead Of Popping?

We have a few pointers and favorite products for when those unwanted blemishes pop up.

Start by icing it. Especially if it’s a painful pimple.

Instead of picking at it, apply a product with 2% salicylic acid to draw out extra oil and dry out the pimple.

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Finally… avoid makeup with pore clogging ingredients.

All in all, we know popping pimples is satisfying. There’s an entire show about it on television! But next time one comes up on your face… take the time to care for it so that it will truly heal.

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