Permanent Makeup vs Microblading at HealthyLooks MedSpa

permanent makeup

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If you’re looking to cut your morning routine in half and enhance your natural features, then permanent makeup is the treatment you need! After an addition of pigment and a couple of hours at the spa, you will wake up every morning refreshed and ready to go. Permanent makeup is a great treatment to highlight areas such as your brows, eyeliner or lips to give a more bold and ready to go look everyday. Here at HealthyLooks MedSpa we offer permanent makeup, not microblading, so if you are wondering about the difference keep reading to see why it’s the better choice for longevity and beauty purposes.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a micro-pigment semipermanent cosmetic tattoo that can last up anywhere from 3 to 5 years after your initial touch-up. It’s recommended to get a touch-up every 12-18 months to maintain pigmentation and vibrancy. Pigmentation lasts different durations on everyone based on skin type, shade used, personal care routine, sun exposure, lifestyle, and how often you maintain touchups. Our trained artists use a small needle to place pigment into the skin resulting in a soft, shaded, powder effect. At HealthyLooks MedSpa you can get permanent makeup done on your eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner resulting in a natural enhanced look like your normal makeup routine without spending all the time getting ready. Since we offer a complimentary consultation you can meet with a provider to review which pigment will be the best for your desired look and how you want the ‘makeup’ shaped in the specified area. At HealthyLooks MedSpa we have two permanent makeup artists, Carri and Natalie, who specialize in ombre powder brow tinting, lip shading/blushing and permanent eyeliner. Both have trained in top permanent makeup programs along with having loyal clientele that continue to come back for touch-ups.

Why not microblading?

Because microblading is a tattoo with pigment on a deeper level in the skin it can leave you with tiny white scars over time due to pigment fading leading you to fill in those areas with makeup. Plus because of the scarring it can be more painful to get touchups and can fade quicker over time due to lifestyle and metabolism. Microblading is also only used in the eyebrow area and is typically more painful compared to permanent makeup. Microblading is also known to fade quicker and can give you a more ‘solid’ brow look rather than a shaded or ombré look that will appear to be more natural on the face.

Permanent Makeup Process at HealthyLooks MedSpa

When you come in for your appointment your provider will review the pigment and shaping you want and then begin numbing the desired area. You can numb for up to an hour and after that the treatment is completely painless! If you wear contacts we do ask you bring in a contact case and bring your glasses so that you can remove them at the time of the treatment because you cannot wear contacts during or following but can put them back in the next day. Your appointment will be a couple of hours and you will schedule your second visit a month later for a touch up which is included in the initial price you pay. During that month of healing your pigment will fade significantly but after the touch up appointment your permanent makeup will be perfect! Check out these before and after pictures of permanent makeup by Carri.

Don’t worry about your makeup being even or matching anymore with permanent makeup you will wake up picture perfect ready to enjoy life. To book a complimentary consultation or an appointment with Natalie or Carri call 816-795-5262 or click here and someone from the HealthyLooks team will be happy to help. Follow us on Instagram @healthylooksmedspa to stay updated on all things HealthyLooks!