Coolsculpting Treatment & Qualifications

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How do you know you’re under the care of a trained professional when you visit us for Coolsculpting treatment in Kansas City?

You have every right to know the credentials of treatment professionals. It’s an important part of developing trust. Once you know you’re in good hands with HealthyLooks, then you’re one step closer to a more aesthetic face and figure, thanks to our safe and effective cosmetic procedures.

Meet Melissa Pfaff – HealthyLooks’ Resident Expert for Coolsculpting

Melissa Pfaff, the Lead Technician for Coolsculpting, has been with Dr. Lamb and the HealthyLooks team since 2017. She has training from the Coolsculpting University and has performed the technique on at least 3,000 patients (although, she gave up counting a while ago).

It’s a joy to do work like this because it produces such tangible and lasting results. Once we do Coolsculpting, it eliminates the target fat cells forever. You don’t have to repeat the procedure several times.

This approach involves actually sculpting the body, so it’s essential to do it the way the patient wants it done. We have an entire book devoted to before-and-after photos, featuring a large volume of clients we’ve helped. This is available when you visit us in person, but you can also find it in the gallery section on our website.

We believe those results speak for themselves. However, you may wonder how all of this works when you work with us for this proven fat-freezing technique. Here’s the gist of it . . .

The Coolsculpting Treatment Process with HealthyLooks

  • Complimentary Consultation – First, you would meet with Melissa Pfaff to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for Coolsculpting.
  • Planning Logistics – Next, we determine where you’d like to do Coolsculpting, map out the details, take “before” photos, and diagnose fat levels with a novel InBody machine. HealthyLooks is one of the few companies to use this technology before the sculpting process.
  • Setting up the Procedure – Then, you’ll lay comfortably on the table while we apply a protective gel pad to guard your skin against frostbite. After that, we fit you with the applicator and start the sculpting machine, which usually involves a distinct suction feeling.
  • The Actual Treatment – This lasts for roughly 30 to 45 minutes, but there’s also a “dual sculpting” option, which can make it go faster. That’s where we treat multiple locations all at once. Under certain circumstances, we may not be able to overlap treatment sites, however.
  • Finishing Massage – Finally, we always do a two-minute manual massage to capture any remaining fat cells resistant to the machine process. It’s possible for a few fat cells not to burst from the freezing, so it’s important to include this step.

Does the Coolsculpting Treatment Really Work?

If you’re still on the fence as to whether Coolsculpting works, then you can also read one of our previous articles where we devoted more time to treatment benefits. These are just some of the many reasons to consider this procedure to address unwanted body fat.

  • It permanently eliminates 20-25% of body fat cells in the targeted area.
  • The effects are noticeable within no worse than 90 days. Many patients enjoy significantly faster results, though.
  • It’s a quick treatment process, which we normally complete within 45 minutes.
  • This is ideal for folks who have reached their target weight, but need help with stubborn, subcutaneous (squeezable) fat for aesthetic reasons.

HealthyLooks: Kansas City’s Most Comprehensive Cosmetic Treatment Service

If you have any questions about the Coolsculpting procedure, we’ll be more than happy to explain everything in greater detail during the initial consultation. That’s when we’ll get into every specific aspect AND tailor it to your specific needs and beauty goals. This is a terrific alternative for anyone who’s nervous about other surgical techniques since it doesn’t involve incisions, liposuction, or anything overly invasive.

Contact HealthyLooks today to learn more about our outstanding Coolsculpting treatment in Kansas City.