What should I do for BBL laser preparation, and how should I care for my skin afterward?

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How do we handle BBL laser preparation at HealthyLooks?

Anytime you receive cosmetic treatment at our outstanding facility, you can count on professional attention to every detail. This is how you know you won’t suffer unexpected side effects or regret getting the procedure. We can also show you the best ways to prepare before BBL and manage the after-care aspects.

This is one of our fastest-growing services, and we’d like to explain a little more about it to help you decide whether to try it yourself.

BBL Laser Preparation – Focus on Skincare

You can prep for this treatment with an effective skincare regimen. This is good wisdom, in its own right, but even more crucial for optimal BBL results.

If you have skin hyperpigmentation (the brown spots caused by sun exposure), then your best skincare product is a non-hydroquinone, bleaching cream, designed to suppress the melanin supply. That’s because it helps to minimize any existing brown spots, making them easier to address during the BBL procedure.

What about after we finish the laser treatment?

Once we’ve completed BBL, you’ll want to pay extra attention to sun exposure for about two weeks and apply plenty of sunscreen whenever you are outside. Make sure you use a strong product as well. It should be at least a 40 or 50 SPF sunscreen.

That helps prolong the effectiveness of the laser treatment. It is, however, even better to minimize sun exposure as much as possible for this short duration.

BBL Laser Preparation – For Acne Sufferers

How do acne patients prepare themselves to receive BBL?

Besides the improvement it provides for hyperpigmentation, BBL is also the best option for anyone struggling to control persistent acne. If you wish to pursue this approach, then avoid using Retin-A medications or alpha-hydroxy acids for at least a week before seeing us for broadband laser treatment. Once again, you’ll want to stay out of direct sunlight for a while, too.

How long does this work against acne (assuming proper care measures)?

BBL can attain solid results for up to a year. Many of our patients opt to receive BBL roughly every four months, similar to Botox patients. In either case, the goal is to stimulate collagen, the substance most responsible for youthful skin and the fastest way to prevent signs of aging.

Finally, after the laser treatment, your skin may appear somewhat red and blotchy but this doesn’t hang around for very long. Assuming you use enough sunscreen and protect yourself, you shouldn’t have a problem. One of the best perks to getting BBL is that there is no lengthy downtime involved.

BBL: Effective, Painless Way to Reduce Skin Defects

We also get a lot of questions regarding the broadband laser light itself.

Does it hurt when it makes skin contact? Is it really hot?

Fortunately, once you get used to the bright laser light, there’s little or no discomfort involved with BBL. All of our treatment options are no more than minimally painful, but this one is especially harmless, yet still effective. In fact, you don’t have to take our word for it, you can check the testimonials we receive from our previous clients who agree it doesn’t hurt much at all.

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