What should I expect during the BBL laser procedure, and will it be painful or uncomfortable?

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Do patients typically experience pain or discomfort while undergoing the BBL laser procedure with HealthyLooks?

Fortunately, it’s not something to worry over too much, as many of our previous patients can attest. This article will cover the basics of BBL, but you can always call us to schedule a consultation where we’ll go over specific expectations.

BBL Laser Procedure: Bright Lights, but not Painful

This BBL treatment lasts for about an hour. We start by applying a cool gel to your face. It gets it to where you’ll feel the heat, but it’s much more tolerable.

You’ll probably notice a bright light flashing as we perform this procedure. Many of our patients will jump a little, but it’s not painful. It’s more of a surprise than anything.

Once you get used to the laser, you won’t find it painful at all. After we apply the cool gel, you’ll also receive a pair of protective goggles to cope with the bright laser light (both patient and technician wear these).

How Do You Prepare for the BBL Laser Procedure?

How do you prep your skin for this?

Focus on a good skin-care regimen before doing BBL. If, for example, you’re having trouble with hyperpigmentation (brown spots from sun exposure), it’s best to be on a non-hydroquinone, bleaching cream to suppress the melanin supply. The purpose of that is to minimize the existing brown spots as much as possible before the procedure.

The most important preventative after-care measure involves avoiding the sun for about two weeks and using copious amounts of sun screen during that time. You would want to utilize at least a 40 or 50 SPF sunscreen following BBL. That helps prolong the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

BBL: A Terrific Solution for Acne-Prone Patients

BBL treats acne and acne-prone patients very well. That’s because the laser light also works well to eliminate skin bacteria. It goes deep into the skin and is by far the best treatment for preventing breakouts.

How do acne patients prepare for BBL?

You should refrain from taking any Retina-A medications or alpha-hydroxy acids for at least a week prior to treatment.

How long do the treatment results last?

The broadband lights could last for up to a year, but it helps to receive BBL about every four months to reinforce collagen restoration. Don’t forget that when you stimulate collagen, it’s the fastest way to thwart signs of aging. So, BBL is ideal for that as well.

What would you look like Post-treatment?

Your skin may appear somewhat red and blotchy but nothing that would force you to hide inside. Again, it’s vital to make sure you cover yourself with sunscreen for a while. Other than that, however, there is no downtime involved with BBL.

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We hope this sets your mind at ease regarding any potential discomfort. BBL is safe, clinically tested, and useful for addressing several skin problems, including acne and excessive freckles. If you’re struggling with the effects of sun damage, this is an effective solution, especially done together with chemical peels, and Vitamin C or Vitamin D supplementation.

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