Am I a good Botox treatment candidate, and what areas of my face can be treated with it?

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How do you know if you’re a suitable candidate for Botox treatment with HealthyLooks?

This popular procedure addresses virtually any fine lines and wrinkles brought about by aging, squinting, and other environmental factors. Some folks even use neurotoxin injections to alleviate migraines brought about by muscle tension. Let’s go over the criteria we use to determine who would benefit from our safe and effective Botox solutions.

The Basics of Botox Treatment with HealthyLooks

The first way to assess whether you’d benefit from Botox would be to focus on the types of lines developing across your face. This procedure works well to address frown lines, “crow’s feet,” and similar defects emanating from stressed, over-flexed facial muscles. Plus, as we get older, our skin becomes thinner, and exposes these undesirable lines.

The forehead lines can get worse for older patients if they struggle with visual acuity. If you often raise your eyebrows to brighten your view (perhaps because of early cataracts), it places an extra strain on those small brow muscles. So, the primary targets for Botox are the frown lines, forehead, outside the eyes (crow’s feet), the center of the glabella (upper nose), and sometimes the lip lines.

What Are the Treatment Steps for Receiving Botox?

We begin the treatment by applying a chill pack to numb the skin and make everything comfortable. The injection involves a small 32-gauge needle, so you hardly feel it entering the skin. There might be a slight sting from the actual Botox substance itself, but it lasts only a moment.

After about five minutes following the injection, you may notice slight bumps resembling mosquito bites. This is normal and will clear up by the time you get home. It’s rare to see any bruising from Botox, either.

How fast will you see results?

It takes about two to five days for the Botox to take effect. This is where it binds to the junction between the nerve and facial muscle to make the muscle not pull or contract as much. By two weeks, you’ll notice the best results, and the overall effect lasts for about 3 ½ to 4 months.

Three Common Patients for Botox Treatment

So, who should consider this popular treatment?

We typically administer Botox to patients who fit into one of three categories:

  1. Once-a-Year Clients – These are the folks who treat themselves to Botox about once a year, perhaps as a birthday or Christmas present.
  2. Recurring Patients – Then there are others who would renew their Botox every four months once the effects fade.
  3. Migraine Sufferers – We also see younger patients who struggle with migraines and tension headaches. They follow a three-month cycle where they receive Botox to mitigate the tension.

Botox is the best bang-for-your-buck if you want consistent results and finally address those off-putting frown lines and other problem spots. It’s far-and-away the top non-surgical cosmetic treatment anywhere today. In Kansas City, HealthyLooks offers to clients at our facilities in Lee Summit, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas.

Contact HealthyLooks Today to Learn More About Botox

Of course, like any medical or cosmetic procedure, everything depends on individual needs and feasibility. That’s why we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lamb to learn more. In the meantime, our website is a wealth of information for an array of proven procedures, involving several neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau.

These are safe ways to help you look your best, alleviate headaches, and smile brighter than ever. We’ve offered this treatment for several years to a range of patients, aged 18 through 65.

If you’d like to know whether you’re a good candidate for Botox treatment or if you have questions about any of our cosmetic procedures, contact HealthyLooks today for an expert consultation.