Let’s Talk Tox: Deep Dive into Neurotoxins


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It’s estimated that more than 11 million people in the world are using neurotoxins to help reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles making it the #1 non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Here are HealthyLooks Med Spa we see more than 1,000 patients a year within our three providers making it our #1 treatment and patient favorite for youthful looking skin.

Neurotoxin = Tox = Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, and Daxxify®

Tox works by relaxing the facial muscles causing the wrinkles to give you smooth skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Neurotoxins are made up of an injectable form of Botulinum toxin type A better known as their brand names of Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, and Daxxify®. Making facial expressions over time can create lines and wrinkles on your face causing your skin to age quicker because every year you lose 1% of elasticity. If you are using medical-grade products and on a treatment plan that includes laser and facial therapy that percent of elasticity lost decreases significantly.

Which neurotoxin do I choose?

At our spa we carry Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport®, Jeuveau® neurotoxins because not one toxin fits all patients. Each “brand” has different ingredients, duration, and strengths to give you the youthful look you desire so based on what areas you’re looking to treat we recommend coming in for a consultation to see which neurotoxin would be best for you. They all have different reward programs to help you save money and earn points to save on future treatments in the spa, such as fillers, facials, and even products for some!

What is the time frame for neurotoxins?

Based on your lifestyle, metabolism, activity level, and amount of toxin injected will depend on how long it lasts. Normally neurotoxins last 3-4 months and will fully dissolve after 6 months. Botox and Dysport are known to set in within 7-14 days, but Jeuveau can set in as soon as 48 hours! Since Dr. Lamb wrote the book on facial volumization for injectables, and the skill level of all our injectors is so high, your tox can last even longer when injected properly into the muscle rather than superficially. To extend the life of your tox we recommend using Revision’s Revox 7 (aka “Botox in a Bottle”) and Skin Medica’s TNS Advanced + Serum to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles on a cellular level.

Following your neurotoxin injection, you should avoid strenuous physical activity, massages, facials, chemical peels, or any facial treatments for 24 hours to ensure the tox sets in properly.

Where can I inject tox?

Neurotoxins can be used to treat more than just wrinkles, if you suffer from lazy eyes, jaw clenching or grinding and even migraines tox can help reduce your symptoms! For wrinkles and lines tox can be injected along the horizontal wrinkles above the brows, in between the brows (11 lines), around the eyes (crows feet), around the mouth, and even on your neck. To help with clenching or grinding tox can be injected into the masseter muscle, this will also help sculpt your jawline to give you a crisper edge and less of a double chin, bonus!

What is Preventative or Micro Tox?

It’s suggested to start preventative injecting or micro tox when you start seeing fine lines and wrinkles so they can’t form into deeper lines that are harder to relax. Injecting sooner than later will help retrain the facial muscles to keep the skin smooth and quit the habit of furrowing or pursing which causes deep lines and wrinkles.

If it’s your first-time getting neurotoxins or has been longer than two years, we offer special patient pricing for all brands with any of our injectors. Call 816-795-5262 or click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lamb, Dominique or Natalie, our nurse injectors who inject in the same pattern technique Dr. Lamb created! Stay up to date on all things HealthyLooks Med Spa by following us on Instagram.