How long do Dysport results last, and are there any ways to prolong its effects?

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How long do Dysport results last when they’re administered the correct way by a skilled practitioner?

If you’re struggling to address wrinkles and other signs of aging, then this could be the solution. Dr. Lamb administers Dysport, Botox, and other neurotoxins to cover a range of frown lines and other unwanted features. Here’s a preview on what to expect from this well known injectable product.

How to Achieve Optimal Dysport Results

First, what is Dysport and how does it fare compared with similar toxins?

Dysport is a botulinum toxin that we can inject into various areas of the face to temporarily address frown lines and promote a more youthful appearance.

It will often bind faster and some patients enjoy longer results with this compared to Botox. This toxin treats the same areas as Botox and Jeuveau, only with minor differences. We know how to mix the dosage to help our clients experience optimal results.

Patient suitability will vary somewhat because each toxin has its own special properties. It’s yet another reason to work with an experienced injector who’s capable of matching the various toxins with the needs of each specific patient. This is an advantage we have at HealthyLooks since all our technicians possess working expertise with two or more injectables.

More on Dysport Versus Botox: Which Should You Try?

Again, the Dysport toxin is rather similar to Botox, but they manufacture the dosing sizes differently. While it’s in the same category of botulinum toxins, Dysport comes in smaller particles, allowing it to take effect faster. This is not a scientific guarantee, but we’ve seen many examples of patients who enjoy a longer duration from this particular option.

Since each of these toxins are safe and efficacious, we recommend trying different ones (all of them at different times, if you’d like) to see which work best. Whenever you visit HealthyLooks, we maintain detailed patient records to help evaluate which toxins deliver the best results for each individual.

Many clients like Dysport with its fast turnaround time because it lets you resume exercise sooner. It’s a popular choice for athletes and personal trainers. Then there are others who receive it and get better duration out of it.

Learn More About Injectable Toxins Like Dysport

You should check out our earlier article where we did a deep dive into the best injectable toxins on today’s market. Most of them offer a lifespan of around 3 1/2 to 4 months, and take roughly a week or two to bind and show results.

What are some other advantages to selecting Dysport?

  • Injectable toxins help “retrain” facial muscles and reverse the habit of furrowing or pursing, which are what bring about wrinkles when we get older.
  • If you struggle with stubborn Glabellar lines (“11” lines around the upper nose), then Dysport may resolve them.
  • There’s some evidence that it helps patients who deal with heavy sweating.
  • Many patients get what’s called a “Nefertiti Lift.” This is a Dysport treatment, which can help with those dreaded “neck cords.”
  • It’s one of the best toxins for face-slimming if you have an overactive TMJ.

Enjoy Effective Botox and Dysport Results with Our Professional Services

So, yes, Dysport is well worth trying if you’d like to reduce lines and wrinkles throughout your face. Since injectables don’t last forever, we can’t promise “permanent” results, but you can see from our positive customer testimonials that these neurotoxins have an impact. Whenever you work with Dr. Lamb and his associates, you know you’ll have the best chance to experiment carefully to identify the most effective approach.

We’ve been administering state-of-the-art injectables since we began serving patients in Kansas City (back in 1998). Dr. Lamb is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with many well-regarded academic publications on anatomically based injection methods.

Contact HealthyLooks today for more information on Dysport results and expectations, or to schedule a consultation.