What should I expect in terms of Kybella results, and how long will it take to see results?

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What can you expect in terms of Kybella results when you receive this popular treatment from us?

Along with Botox, Dysport, and other neurotoxins, Kybella is a terrific way to correct and minimize unwanted facial features. Those are the ones we all face at some point because of aging and loss of skin volume. While injectables don’t bring about “permanent” results, they are a convenient, minimally invasive way to make cosmetic adjustments and enjoy a more attractive smile or thinner face.

How Long Before You’ll Notice Kybella Results?

How long does it take Kybella to reduce subcutaneous (pinchable) fat?

Patients usually notice results within a month to six weeks. There’s some short-term swelling along the jawline, but it’ll subside after a couple of weeks. Once you reach six weeks, you would come back to us for a follow-up consultation.

Then we review the results and decide whether you’d benefit from a second or third follow-up session. For some patients, they might enjoy satisfactory results after just a single visit. Everybody responds to toxin injections differently.

What Does Kybella Do to Fat Cells?

How does Kybella reduce fat cells?

Kybella contains a naturally occurring chemical, deoxycholic acid, found in our biliary tract, which helps us digest fat. Our procedure harnesses that substance to handle fat in specific sections of the face. This breaks down unwanted subcutaneous fat around your chin most effectively.

It’s a common problem spot for anybody who struggles with those last vestiges of fat. This includes what people often call “jowl” around the mandibular border (under the jawline). In certain scenarios, it can help mitigate a “double chin,” but we might also consider limited liposuction or Coolsculpting as a preliminary approach.

Kybella is better for fine-tuning the finished results after receiving one of those treatments. This is especially true for patients who’ve had facelifts at other facilities. If they’re still struggling with residual fat, then we can handle any remaining imperfections with Kybella.

Important Caveats Regarding Kybella Results

We have to offer one important caveat on Kybella. It will involve some mild swelling for a little while after you visit us. This is important to remember if you’re getting it before a big event with photo opportunities. It takes at least a few weeks to get over the swelling and realize the full effect.

The theory on Kybella involves a naturally occurring chemical we would find in our biliary tract, responsible for digesting fat. So, it effectively digests fat within the cell itself. This creates apoptosis (cell destruction) and eliminates unwanted superficial fat.

What are some other advantages to getting Kybella?

  • It’s a relatively fast way to gain a younger and leaner face.
  • Kybella is non-invasive with minimal pain or discomfort.
  • The substance itself doesn’t have many side effects or adverse reactions.
  • Nobody will know you did it . . . if you receive it from a careful injector, like Dr. Lamb and his staff.

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